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Jazz-Event at the
25 years anniversary of Interroll AS being in Ticino and 10 years PICCIO in Arcegno

CoroBAVONA is singing  three songs in the Val Bavone, a side valley of the famous Valle Maggia - the “Magic Valley” in Ticino. It was produced by Picchio [Dieter Specht] at the large Waterfall of 105 meters hight and in the center of the old village in Foglio.

In the magnificent newly renovated church in Cevio, Valle Maggia, was inaugurated on 22.09.2011 a new organ with an organ concert recitalincluding the organist Marina Jahn.

Magic Blues in Maggia with Sherry Williams and her soul-blues band, on 07/20/2011. She has an incredibly powerful and sensual voice and with  her superb band she brought the crowded square in Maggia in the right mood

The flag with the great Vic Vergea t(who does not remember the Toad!), Group of young "Ticinesi" has introduced various genres(blues, funk, rock) with great ease.

For the 25-year commemoration of the destruction of the church of San Gioanni Battista by an avalanche the Corale Valmaggese sang in the church in Mogno that was newly built by the famous architect Mario Botta in 1997.


SP_Sinsheim Picchios painting with life-art Tod-der-Sterne Corporate-Art  of Picchios exhibittion and Meeting in Osaka,Japan 2007 Trix Picchios exhibition at the Art Fair Dubai 2005 Picchios installation with Beams-on-Stage TV-Kristal-Hart abaout Picchios exhibition in New York art+fashion show Ferrara with paintings by Picchio Corporate-Art exhibition in Interroll with Picchio Magic-Blues-Sharrie-Williams video-art-Conveyance by Picchio Picchios atelier in Arcegno /Ticino-Switzerland Interroll Corporate Art with young contemporyry artits: Fürhofer-Mohr Interroll Corporate art with young contemporyry artits:  Franziska+Gabriele impressions of Kyoto/Japan  filmed by Picchio impressions of New York filmed by Picchio Tiangle

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